Kitwe Collection points

PEP - Collection possible at any branch of PEP
Bedshop Mukuba Mall - Mukuru Orange Booth
Buchi Kitwe - Mukuru Orange Booth
Buchi turn off,opp Eco Filling station
Champion Kitwe 1 (Copperbelt Province) - Zoona Stores
Kitwe: Opposite the Post office next to blue Sandra Jere: 260979758335
Champion Kitwe 2 (Copperbelt Province) - Zoona Stores
Kitwe: Mbizi House, at Kitwe Bus Station in Town Centre near Railway Station. Sandra Jere: 260979758335
Champion Kitwe 3 (Copperbelt Province) - Zoona Stores
Kitwe: Goodlock's building, next to the Town Centre bus station Sibeso Mubita: 260975552980
Fwilas' Enterprise (Copperbelt Province) - Zoona Stores
Kitwe: At Fwilas' Shop at the Market in Chimwemwe Township Moses Kafwila: 260966789500
Kalulushi - Mukuru Orange Booth
Buteko Road Town Centre, Kalulushi
Kitwe - Mukuru Africa
Plot 1294, Kabengele Avenue, Town Center Kitwe
Kitwe - Mukuru Orange Booth
Kabelenga Road, Kitwe
Kitwe Main - Mukuru Orange Booth
Ground Floor Unit 1 Situated on Stand No. 1090 & 1100 Oxford Road Kitwe
Kitwe Town CBD - Mukuru Orange Booth
Chisokone Market and Buchi turn off
Shoprite Kabwe - Mukuru Orange Booth
Shoprite Kabwe
Shoprite Kitwe - Mukuru Orange Booth
Shoprite Kabwe
Tima Enterprise - Hotel Edingburg - Zoona Stores
Willard General Dealers - Eco Station - Zoona Stores
Kitwe Central Hospital, Kuomboka Dr, Kitwe, Zambia