Rusape Collection points

Green - Mukuru collection points that paid out CASH in the last 24 hours.
Black - Other Mukuru collection points that you could collect from.

N Richards Rusape Mukuru Orange Booth (USD & ZAR & USB)
88/A Coventry Road, Rusape
MPB Rusape Mukuru Orange Booth (USD)
660 Chaminuka Road, Rusape
Rusape CBZ (USD & ZAR)
18 Robert Mugabe Street, Stand 10796, Shop 3, Rusape
Rusape POSB (USD & ZAR)
8 Manda Avenue, Rusape
Rusape ZB Bank (Formerly Zimbank) (USD)
20 Herbert Chitepo
Rusape FMC Finance (USD & ZAR)
19B Robert Mugabe Way, Former Allied Bank, Rusape