Mzuzu Collection points

Green - Mukuru collection points that paid out in the last 24 hours.
Green Bold - Mukuru collection points that paid out in the last 1 hour.
Black - Other Mukuru collection points that you could collect from.

Mzuzu Katoto Mukuru Orange Booth (MWK)
Mzuzu Katoto
Mzuzu Branch Mukuru Orange Booth (MWK)
Mzuzu Mall Shoprite, M1 and M5 Highway
Mzuzu Bus Depot Mukuru Orange Booth (MWK)
Mzuzu bus depot, Mzuzu
Mzuzu Filling Station Mukuru Orange Booth (MWK)
Mzuzu Market
Mzuzu Post Dot Net (MWK)
Boadmaz Rd
Mzuzu Victoria Forex Bureau (MWK)
Shoprite Complex Centre
Katoto FINCA (MWK)
Mzuzu NBS (MWK)
P.O.Box 315 Mzuzu
Mzuzu Mukuru Branch (MWK)
Mzuzu Greenwing (MWK)
MPC BUILDING-Ground floor-Right wing, 1st Room
Mzuzu First Capital Bank (MWK)
Mzuzu Mukuru Orange Booth (MWK)
M1 & M5 Highway, Mzuzu Mall
Mzuzu City Center Bureau FDH (MWK)
Mzuzu Highway FDH (MWK)
FDH Building, Mzuzu Central
Mzuzu Highway Bureau FDH (MWK)
Mzuzu Immigration Mukuru Orange Booth (MWK)
Mzuzu Immigration
Mzuzu Main TNM Shops (MWK)
Mzuzu SB ATM Mukuru Orange Booth (MWK)
Mzuzu Shoprite TNM Shops (MWK)